Live Your Calling – Yangon

Live Your Calling With Debendra Manandhar In Yangon, Myanmar On November 5, 2019   Do you want to live a big life, a more meaningful and fulfilling life than the life you are living now? Come, join with me in this Inner Journey of Self-Discovery Live Your Calling – An Inner Journey to discover your […]

Your Beliefs Create Your Realities

  What Is Your Belief About Yourself? Your Belief creates your realities!!! Your beliefs can either inspire you to move on to be your best version, Or, your beliefs can imprison you to the state where you are now, A helpful step may be bringing awareness to your own Beliefs: What are your Beliefs about […]

Self Discovery

Self Discovery by Debendra Manandhar   Self Discovery is about Knowing Yourself! Knowing Who You Really Are!!! By knowing who you really are, You can Be Who You Really Are, and can Live the Life that You Truly Want to Live! “Discovering who you are today will lead you to who you become tomorrow.” “We […]

Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery ‘It is not about what happens to you, but it is about how do you deal with what happens to you that really matter in life.” Emotional Mastery is a process of becoming aware of your own emotions and then be able to choose your response to the moment. In life, at times […]

PLD: Lead Yourself First

PLD: Lead Yourself First Leadership is generally talked as leading others, and how to be good leaders for others.In this article, I am going to talk about the idea of Self-leadership. It means before becoming a leader for others, lead yourself first. If you want to be a good leader for others, be a good […]


Positivity We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are! We see things through our lens, through our perception. Positivity is a way of seeing. It is not about whether there are positive or negative out there. It is about our way of seeing the things out there in our life. […]

Improve Your Critical Thinking at Work

Helen Lee Bouygues, founder of the Reboot Foundation, believes that a lack of critical thinking is responsible for many business failures. She says organizational leaders often rely too heavily on expertise and then jump to conclusions. Instead, leaders should deliberately approach each problem and devote time thinking through possible solutions. The good news, she says, is […]