The Inner Journey of Self-Discovery

Self-Discovery is the beginning step for personal growth and personal development. And, Self-discovery is a lifelong quest to find your next level, your higher Vision and higher Purpose and eventually to discover the best version of you!

We all have our dreams and hopes for our life. We all have our purpose in life. And we all have our Core Values.

Self Discovery is about finding out our important dreams and hopes. By knowing clearly our important dreams and hopes, then it will help us to focus on achieving them. It is not only about achieving our dreams and hopes, it is equally important to know clearly WHY these dreams are important for us.

And also HOW do we achieve them is very important. Living in aligned with our Core Values is very important. Only when we are living according to our Core Values, we will feel a sense of fulfillment and sense of inner satisfaction in our life. Otherwise, just being ‘Successful’ may give us material and outer possessions, but not inner satisfaction. We will still be feeling something is ‘Missing’ in our life.