Personal Growth and Conscious Living

Personal Growth and Conscious Living We are not here only to struggle for our day to day survival. Life is much more than that. We all have vision, we have purpose, we have dreams, we have hopes for our life. We all have unlimited potentials and possibilities. Right now, we are not living to our [...]

The Game Changers: Transformational Leadership

The Game Changers: Transformational Leadership It is very necessary to change and transform our communities and societies so that we all can thrive, and can live happy, harmonious, and peacefully. For this, first of all, the change process has to begin at personal level. By transforming oneself, we collectively can transform communities and societies. For [...]

Inner Peace

Inner Peace We all want peace. And, Peace begins within! So, first of all we ourselves should be established be in peace. By being in peace, we create peace around us. by shifting ourselves, we are creating shifts around us. By healing ourselves, we are healing the world. Practice of Presence – Mindfulness Grounding and [...]

Be You – Real You

Be You – Real You After discovering yourself, you need to be you, being real you, authentic you. You live your vision, your follow your dream, you speak your message – no matter what! You don’t live trying to please others, do something to be accepted, to fit in. Everything you do- is because that [...]