Social Causes

Making this world a little better place!!!

This is what drives me doing all the work that I been doing!!!


We all are One and We all are connected!

All types of Separation is not true!!!

Everyone deserves to live the best version of who they truly are!!!


I love sharing with those who are in needs,

We are here to make contributions, to add values, to make it a little better……

Being grateful for what we have got, and sharing with those who are in needs!!!


Some of the Causes that I am focusing on now:


Young Leaders Program

Preparing new young leaders in our countries, societies and communities are very important to create happy, peaceful and thriving societies,

Youths are the future of any society, and developing new leaders and developing leadership potentials of youths are very important in shaping future of societies and countries.


Young Leaders Program – Nepal:

To help develop leadership potentials among the youths in Nepal, we are launching YLP in Nepal, focusing on youths from different ethnic groups from different districts of Nepal.


Young Leaders Program – Myanmar/Thailand:

This year, We are launching YLP  in Myanmar and in the border areas of Myanmar and Thailand.


Scholarships for the needy ones:

We provide scholarships for those who are in needs!


You are welcome to join in these Causes to make differences in the lives of those who are in needs!

Find yourself getting behind the idea?

Join the cause

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