Live Your Calling

With Debendra Manandhar
In Yangon, Myanmar
On November 5, 2019


Do you want to live a big life, a more meaningful and fulfilling life than the life you are living now?

Come, join with me in this Inner Journey of Self-Discovery

Live Your Calling – An Inner Journey to discover your higher Self, your true Purpose and true Meaning of life!!!

You are not here only for day to day survival. You are unique, you have purpose of your life. You have gifts to offer to the world!

It is totally possible to live your dreams and to live your passion!!!


You have important dreams, you have passion,

You want to live a life with a sense of meaning and inner satisfaction

Your life has higher Purpose and deeper Meaning!

You have your Mission that you want to live for and accomplish in your life,

There is a voice inside your heart that is calling you for your attention,

There are things in your life that you want to live for, and they make you feel Inspired, Energized, excited and they are pulling you, calling you!!!

What are your purposes? What gives you the meaning of your life? What makes you feel alive? What gives you a deep sense of fulfillment?

Connect with your inner core, listen to your heart!!! And follow your calling!!!

This workshop will be:

an Inner Journey of Self-Discovery,

It will help you:

  • to discovery your higher purpose and true meaning of your life,
  • to connect with your inner core – the source of all your energy and power
  • to live life in total harmony, balance and beauty

This will be done in a small group,

With people who are in the Quest, in the Search of their purpose and meaning of Life,


You are unique,
You are Limit-less
You have your gifts – share them with the world!
Speak your truth!
Share your message!!!

The world needs you!!!

Language: English

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